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January 1, 2023

We have survived 2022 navigating through the pandemic and 

we welcome 2023  with open Arms. 

We are ENROLLING and HIRING new children and STAFF weekly. 



With all the changes taking place in the World today we are excited to be in the mix. Everyone is shifting and accepting many new things as our "NEW" normal.


 You can still schedule a Tour and see what the hype is about at 

Children of Purpose Stem Academy.  I look forward to meeting you and showing you our Interactive Walls and Hands-on Approach to Inclusions and Learning through Stem Education. 

See You Soon,



February 1, 2023

Heyyyyy... It's my Birthday Month!

I'm so excited to not only Celebrate myself but all the Birthday's in February.

We all know that February is a Black History Month and the 

Month to show each other LOVE!

I'm loving the face that we don't have to wait until February to show LOVE to one another at COP Stem Academy, we show LOVE everyday. We LOVE on our children, parents and staff daily. We show each other LOVE by being respectful, kind and caring. 

Celebrating Black History Month is also our way of sharing our LOVE for not only our race, but also our culture. We have some rich Black History right in our City. The City of Chester has been home and a host to some of the most honored blacks in the world. 

Martin Luther King Jr. studied at Crozer Bible Seminary and preached at Calvary Baptist Church and lived in the parsonage located on 291 on the site where Calvary Baptist Church is.

Brandy Wells, Ethel Waters and Bert Cooper are just some of the few GREATS that have Graced us with their presence in Chester. 

See You Soon,



MARCH 1, 2023

Well what do you know Lady Luck is on our side!

Outside is opening up, YES you read that right we are now able to move

 around a little more and it feels good. Our family and friends are safe and we

 are able to visit loved ones far and near.

Rainbows comes after the storm and this storm has lasted a whole 2 1/2 years.

In person learning is now resuming be  sure to continue to wash your hands and 

be mindful of all systems COVID related. 

We look forward to finding my gold (happiness) at the end of the rainbow and I want all 

of you to share in this as well. 

We are Lucky and Blessed,



APRIL 1, 2023

Hello Spring,

We have been waiting for you. With all the things going on in the world the weather is something that we were able to look forward to. I'm so excited about being able to put on my short sleeves, and bright colors. The children are growing and all of classrooms have been cleaned and ready to transition into the next season. The 2nd Quarter of the year is always a chance to reflect on how well your personal life, business and spiritual life is growing. You may find that you didn't start off strong during the 1st Quarter, but the 2nd Quarter brings a new season. You got time to gather all of your thoughts and strength and start FRESH.

Our family here at COP is growing and we are getting ready to do some exciting things.

Spring Forth,



MAY 1, 2023

May Oh May,

We are happy that the flowers are blooming and the weather is somewhat cooperating. Our babies are growing and are toddlers are moving out the way. The preschoolers are exited about exploring and the school agers are headed into the next grade....Whoooosssaaa

May came in right on time as we get ready to celebrate our Mom's and create new memories.

Let's Celebrate Mom's,



JUNE 1, 2023

The Joy of June,

The saying summer is right around the corner finally became a reality. I was so busy planning for our MINI PROM and Summer Camp that I almost missed June come in. Our Mini Prom was a HUGE SUCCESS and I couldn't have done it without all of the staff and parents. We were able to give our children an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. My favorite part of the evening is when the children corrected me when I said "Grace" and didn't say it the way we do at the Center. They called me out quickly and stood waiting for me to sing our signature song before saying grace. You had to be there to witness the Magic Show, Baby Shark, the Bubble Party, Balloon Animals and lastly the Beautiful pictures that were printed on the spot. I must say I enjoyed myself and look forward to the next party. 

Bring on the Water and Foam its officially time to "Let the Summer Fun Begin"

I'm looking forward to Sesame Place and our Summer time activities.

Meet me on the Playground,


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